Condition H (HELP)

O’Connor Hospital is dedicated to providing compassionate care that is excellent and safe. As a family member or friend to a patient, we believe you know your loved one the best. We will listen to you when you see a noticeable medical change in the patient and feel that the health care team is not recognizing the concern.

To ensure this happens, O’Connor has created Condition H (HELP), a patient safety initiative designed to help our patients alert a medical team in case of an emergency, or in a situation where the patient may feel he or she is not getting adequate medical attention. By activating Condition H (dialing 555 on our hospital phone), you immediately alert a team of medical professionals, who will come to the patient’s room, assess the situation, and call in additional clinical support as needed.

In offering our families the Condition H option, we are letting you know that you are our partners in care.


  • Contact Pamela Brotherton-Sedano, M.S., R.N., Vice President of Patient Safety and Corporate Responsibility Officer: (408) 947-2578
  • Download our Condition H brochure (PDF) in English or Spanish.