LabThe Laboratory at O’Connor Hospital is committed to providing the quality of care required to support our Emergency Services Department and our inpatient population. We also offer a wide range of outpatient services. Our staff of trained clinical laboratory scientists and licensed phlebotomists can provide your physician with reliable test results in a timely manner.


In addition to the Laboratory outpatient services available at the hospital, we also offer three convenient collection sites within the community.

Specimens taken at another site are routed to the hospital Laboratory for testing, so you get the same high-quality results and commitment to your care off-site as well as on-site. All draw sites serve patients on a first-come, first-served basis, and no appointments are accepted.

Tests Offered

The O’Connor Hospital Laboratory offers a wide range of in-house testing and are partnered with the best reference laboratories in the area: ARUP, Stanford Medical Foundation and Genzyme.

We offer the following tests:

  • Thyroid
  • Glucose
  • Electrolytes (salts)
  • Enzymes to indicate liver, heart and bone health
  • Renal panels
  • Lipid panels (cholesterol)
  • A1C for diabetes tracking
  • BHcG, a quantitative pregnancy test given one week after conception

Requesting Test Results

You can request a copy of your results at the time of collection by signing a waiver form and providing a photo ID. To protect your privacy, you are the only one who can request your results; we cannot give results over the phone. Read more about our privacy policy.

Contact Us

O’Connor Hospital
Phone: (855) 522-9568
Kris Server, Lab Director: (408) 947-2857
Cyndi Nguyen, Lab Manager: (408) 947-2870

McKee Branch: phone (408) 347-2145 / fax (408) 347-2160

Samaritan Branch: phone (408) 357-1062 / fax (408) 357-1070

Willow Glen Branch: phone (408) 278-3056 / fax (408) 278-3069