Cancer Registries

Tumor registry, cancer research and the cancer registry are lifelines to national networks advancing the understanding of cancer diagnosis and treatment. O’Connor’s involvement keeps our physicians and cancer care staff up-to-date on the latest developments and helps them share information with their colleagues.cancer_registries

O’Connor’s Cancer Registry helps us maintain accreditation of our cancer program by the American College of Surgeons’ (ACS) Commission on Cancer (CoC), which has awarded us a three-year accreditation. The ACS Commission on Cancer evaluated O’Connor’s compliance with 46 standards for cancer care, including observation of our tumor board. These standards guide quality, safety and coordination between disciplines to improve cancer treatment and the cancer patient’s experience.

Cancer Registry

O’Connor Hospital’s Cancer Registry provides a system to monitor the types of cancer diagnosed and/or treated at the hospital, and is important in the evaluation of the cancer care provided. The registry collects demographic, cancer identification, treatment and follow-up data on each patient. These data contribute to the staging, planning, treatment and continuity of care for patients. In addition, information about each patient’s treatment and outcome is submitted to state and national organizations that report statistics for California and the U.S. More than 5,000 cases are followed annually as part of the lifetime follow-up maintained by the tumor registry.

For more information about the Cancer Registry at O’Connor, call (408) 947-3420.

Quality Studies in 2015

The Cancer Committee performs quality studies each year. In 2015, O’Connor Hospital’s Quality Improvement Outcomes Studies focused on colon cancer and breast cancer care.

Tumor Board

The Cancer Care Committee conducts monthly cancer conferences called “tumor boards,” which support our multidisciplinary approach to patient care. Representatives from many disciplines participate, and physicians present difficult or interesting cases. After the presentation, a patient’s treatment and care are discussed by the physicians and a plan is determined. In addition to the tumor boards held onsite at O’Connor, our physicians also attend tumor boards held at Kaiser and other area hospitals where O’Connor cases are presented.

For more information about the tumor board, call (408) 947-3420.