Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers have long been an integral part of O’Connor Hospital’s tradition of bringing comfort and care to patients, families and loved ones for more than sixty years. Our volunteers have donated more than 2.2 million hours of service since the program began in 1952.Volunteer Week 2016 009website

Being an O’Connor volunteer offers many benefits, including the opportunity to give back to our community and exposure to the hospital environment. Volunteers enhance the care and service we already provide. We are fortunate to have a lot of community interest for our programs.

We are currently recruiting adults to fill positions at our Service Desks as well as the Gift Shop and other areas. Please call 408-947-2830.

Adult Volunteer Program

The Adult Volunteer Program is a great opportunity for individuals from all walks of life to provide service to their community. We offer positions throughout the hospital that enhance the care and depth of resources O’Connor Hospital provides for patients, families and visitors.

Barb_Brown_volunteer_webVolunteer positions include support at Service Desks (Information, Patient Access, Surgery Waiting and Health Benefits Resources Center), the Gift Shop and other areas throughout the hospital. We also welcome volunteers with unique skills, experience or services, such as music therapy, animal-assisted therapy, and leadership qualities., and will consider those factors when making placements.

To apply go to: volunteer application

Applicant Requirements and Process

Hospitality Program

Hospitality volunteers provide a friendly presence in a variety of clinical units to enhance the patient experience. The Hospitality Program is an exciting opportunity for students and graduates interested in medical careers to gain exposure to a medical setting.

Hospitality is a “referral” required program. To be considered for the Hospitality Program, you must first complete 12 weeks of continuous volunteer service at an adult program assignment and receive a referral for an interview from the Volunteer Service Office. Acceptance into the program is based on our need, performance, commitment, suitability, availability and participant interest.

To apply go to: volunteer application

Junior Volunteer Program

We are not currently accepting applications for high school student volunteers.  Please check back for updates.

Spiritual Care Volunteer Program

Spiritual Care has a variety of programs for those interested in holistic ministry to patients. If you are interested in volunteering in one of these roles, please call 408-947-2500 extension 4441.

Thank you for your interest in becoming an O’Connor Hospital volunteer.