Cancer Resource Center

CancerResourceCenterWelcome to the Cancer Resource Center

The library is a warm place designed to meet the patient’s information needs. You will find answers to a plethora of cancer treatment information. The library hours are 8am to 5pm Monday through Friday. The library is located in 5 West behind the Main Desk. Below you will find Cancer Resources and Patient Education Information.

Cancer Resources

What is Cancer?

The site provides a definition, origin, and statistics about cancer.

A to Z List of Cancers

A quick list of all cancer types for patient information provided by the National Cancer Institute.

Cancer by Body Location/System in English and Spanish

This site provides a definition of each type of cancer by body location with treatment, prevention, clinical trials, cancer literature, research and statistics in Spanish and English. Please note English and Spanish tab in upper left hand corner.

Cancer Prevention and Control

The site provides fact sheets and brochures about cancer. The information can be downloaded in “PDF” or “HTML.”

Common Cancer Types

The National Cancer Institute has created a list of common cancer types that are diagnosed with greatest occurrence in the United States. The statistical data is based on information from the American Cancer Society.

Diet and Cancer

This site provides nutrition information about fighting cancer from the American Institute for Cancer Research.


PUBMED is a search system providing access to biomedical literature.

Cancer Clinical Trials

The clinical trials site provides information on 6,000 plus clinical trials from the National Cancer Institute. In addition, one can find noteworthy information on clinical trials, and highlights of clinical trials from the National Cancer Institute. Browse cancer by type to find the latest on specific types of cancer.

Clinical Trials

Clinical Trials supports trials held in the United States, and around the world. Studies are listed by condition with Cancer as a main heading.

NCI Cancer Bulletin

A resource providing the latest on cancer information from the National Cancer Institute.


An online resource for cancer families providing information on specific cancers, updates on cancer tretment, research advancement with daily updates.

Patient Education Materials

American Cancer Society

A multi-language patient education site providing information on cancer treatment, risk, asking the right questions, information resources.


Patient education information specifically related to cancer topics that have been translated into different languages. There is also a section on cultural beliefs. Languages include Vietnamese, CAmbodian, Somali, Spanish, Hmong, etc.


The National Library of Medicine provides Medline Plus, a consumer health information site providing information in 40 different languages. The site provides a cancer information with tutorials, vidoes, and a  medical encylopedia including pictures. It is a user-friendly site updated daily.