O’Connor Patients Take an Active Role in Their Health with Interactive Videos

San Jose, CA (October 7, 2013) – O’Connor Hospital has teamed up with Emmi Solutions to help its patients learn more about their health conditions with free, online, interactive videos that take complex medical information and make it simple and easy to understand.

The interactive videos can help prepare patients for an upcoming surgery or procedure, manage a chronic condition and set general healthcare expectations. Patients can watch these videos anywhere that they have access to a computer, electronic tablet or mobile device.

Health topics include getting a mammogram, how to lower your risk factors for heart disease, diabetes and stroke, coping with a health condition and several videos on asthma and diabetes among other topics.  Each program is about 25 minutes long and most programs are also available in Spanish.

Currently, several departments are using Emmi programs for pre-op procedures, targeted admissions and outpatient services. For example, all surgical patients are being mailed or e-mailed information about Emmi three weeks prior to their surgery, with a follow-up reminder phone call with step-by-step instructions. The information explains what Emmi is and how to log in to the Emmi site to view an interactive video related to their specific condition.

“Emmi programs improve patients’ understanding regarding the disease process and guides them on what questions to ask their health care providers,” said Ashraf Gulzar, Director of Quality Management, and the O’Connor Hospital program coordinator.

Resent O’Connor survey results showed that 91% of the questions that patients would have called their doctor to discuss were answered by Emmi. Additionally, 84% said Emmi covered risks they didn’t know about previously, and 80% said Emmi made them more aware of how their lifestyle impacts their health, Gulzar said.