O’Connor Hospital Forms Clinical Co-Management Agreement with Local Cardiologists

San Jose, CA – O’Connor Hospital has formed an agreement with Clinical Co-Management, LLC, a San Jose-based group of 17 O’Connor affiliated cardiologists, to co-manage O’Connor’s Cardiac Catheterization Program, making O’Connor one of the first hospitals in California to develop this type of co-management program.

“Our cardiologists feel that working together, we can continue to improve patient quality,” said Ngai Nguyen, M.D., CEO of Clinical Co-Management, LLC.

“We continue to look for ways to foster continuous quality improvement for our patients based upon evidence-based measures, and this co-management agreement will help us achieve this goal,” O’Connor Hospital Chief Medical Officer, George Block, M.D., added. “By working more closely with these cardiologists we will be able to promote and sustain optimal patient care, outcomes and satisfaction, while also being more cost effective.”

As part of this co-management agreement, O’Connor Hospital will be responsible for hiring and maintaining non-physician clinical staff for its cardiac catheterization laboratory. The new management company will provide comprehensive medical administration and management services. Currently the O’Connor Hospital catheterization lab performs 1,000 procedures annually.

Cardiac catheterization is a test to check a patient’s heart blood vessel blockages as well as the structure and function of the heart valves and muscle.  If the coronary arteries are blocked, for example in an acute heart attack, they can be opened and kept open with stents.  Likewise, blocked arteries can be opened and stents placed to prevent heart attacks. Cardiac catheterizations are typically done in a hospital.