Nurse and Cancer Survivor Running from Canada to Mexico Will Stop at O’Connor Hospital to Share Her Story

San Jose, CA — Helene Neville began her 1,600 mile Border to Border run on May 1, 2013, in Vancouver, BC at the International Peace Arch, traversing through Washington, Oregon and California and will end at the International Border crossing in Tijuana, Mexico.

Neville, a nurse, author, mom and cancer survivor will be stopping by O’Connor Hospital on Tuesday, June 4 to share her awe-inspiring story. On May 1, 2010, after surviving cancer and three brain surgeries, Neville began “One on the Run,” a record-breaking, record-setting 2,520-mile run across America from Ocean Beach, California.

Neville finished the run 93 days later on Atlantic Beach in Jacksonville, Florida. Her newest book, “One On The Run: 93 Days Across America” chronicles her 2010 record-setting run. She also has written a health and fitness book, “Nurses In Shape: The Right Dose”.

“In order to transform the health of the public, healthcare workers need to become ambassadors of healthy living to inspire and promote health in their patients,” Neville said. “My message of hope and my story resonates with anyone daring to entertain a seemingly impossible dream,” she added.

Neville’s run is not to realize her own dreams, but to inspire others to realize theirs. Her run from the Canadian border to the Mexican border is to inspire hope, health and goodwill. Neville plans to cover the route in 45 days.

Neville will carry the ashes of her brother who passed away suddenly on February 16, 2013. “He always wanted to participate in my incredible adventures along the highways of America, and this posthumous tribute allows him to do just that.”

Neville’s inspirational story will occur June 4, from 2:30 to 3:30 p.m. in the DePaul Room, first floor, O’Connor Hospital, 2105 Forest Ave., San Jose.